At Collective Harmony, we are passionate about building and supporting thriving music programs. Contact us for more information on how we can help you:

  • Revitalize your Music and Memory or Sing Fit programs
  • Equip volunteer musicians to effectively interact with special populations
  • Train activity professionals or care staff to integrate music throughout the day
  • Develop music curriculum, schedule, or activities to meet your residents needs
  • Utilize specialized music playlists and intentional silence in the background of your workplace to enhance efficiency or decrease agitation

Special Events

  • Staff Inservice--a perfect opportunity to offer holistic care for your staff through a bonding, engaging music experience with applicable take aways
  • Funeral Music--planning funerals can be overwhelming, let us help! We can provide prelude music, special songs, and more.
  • Wellness Fairs--interactive booths are the best way to attract participants, you supply the booth and we'll provide our drums!
  • Presentations--bring in a professional to talk about how music interacts with aging, end of life, life transitions, grief, wellbeing, anxiety, and more.
  • Special Events--family nights, marketing events, you name it. We can create an engaging experience for all participants.

Meg's energy and program captured and held the attention of everyone in the group for the entire hour. No one wanted it to end. Literally everyone who attended took the time to personally thank Meg for a job well done. One gentleman said to me afterwards, "I was so into what was going on I didn't think about my situation even once. Can Meg come every month?"

--Melinda Franklin, Alzheimer's Cafe

Next Steps...

Intrigued by our services? Sold on our mission? We couldn't do it without you and most importantly, we want to make music with you!