Meet Meg,

board-certified music therapist and founder of Collective Harmony

I was standing face to face with one of my music therapist idols when she looked me in the eye and said, “It sounds like you want to be a business owner.” I chuckled sheepishly but knew she was right. From there, I knew my days as a corporate music therapist were limited as the vision for Collective Harmony took root.

Collective Harmony is the conglomeration of many years of dreaming, real-life experiences, and a genetic disposition to start something new.

Through my training and work as a music therapist, I’ve come to believe these truths:

  • We are all capable of making music—put your hand over your heart and tell me you “can’t keep a beat”
  • Music is a great equalizer (you don’t have to be wealthy, healthy, or talented to reap its benefits) and brings people together for a common purpose
  • Music affirms our humanity and bestows dignity even in the most vulnerable times of our lives
  • Music helps us express emotions and thoughts by overcoming physical and emotional barriers to communication

These beliefs are grounded in research and first-hand experience—both yours and mine. I’m sure we could sit down and share stories for hours.

So really, I don’t see myself as a saleswoman but a messenger, a facilitator, and a conductor.

I’m here to make music that heals hearts, engages minds, and brings people together. Because I believe that collectively we can make harmony that changes our world.

In Song,