Does music ever change your mood, make you run faster, or bring up a memory?

Have you ever wondered why? 

At Collective Harmony, we serve the Issaquah and greater Eastside with our innovative and evidenced-based music experiences.

Our music therapist, Meg Harmon, leading a camp for bereaved children.

From cradle to grave, music surrounds us-telling our stories, carrying our emotions, bringing us together.

But what if music could not only tell our stories but shape our experiences and remind us who we are? Not only carry but positively change our emotional experience? Not just bring people together, but unite and strengthen our communities?

Whether you feel you are losing your connection to your mom with Alzheimer's, facing the end of a loved one's life, or seeking to build a thriving, vibrant community-we want to help.

When you partner with Collective Harmony, you can expect to experience the highest quality service, musicianship, and care. You will get the chance to work with a board-certified music therapist who specializes in creative aging, memory care, end of life, and community development. Together we will create an individualized plan to help you, your family, or your organization:

  • Decrease the sense of isolation associated with memory loss and aging by creating meaningful interactions between residents, family members, and caregivers
  • Experience visible change in the mood or quality of life of your aging loved one or residents
  • Create sacred space to grieve and celebrate a loved one's life at the bedside or funeral service
  • Collaborate together through music as a team to build healthier staffs or families
  • Ease caregiving tasks and prevent burnout through musical solutions
  • Introduce new, effective, and healthy ways to process grief and loss

How do we do this? What makes this different than other services we already receive?

We make music, and we're good at it. Guided by research and rich experiences, we are experts in adapting music to unique circumstances, establishing meaningful relationships through music, and thinking outside of the box to take new approaches to solve old problems.

So if you want to connect, cultivate, or collaborate; become a partner with Collective Harmony.


Next Steps...

Intrigued by our services? Sold on our mission? We couldn't do it without you and most importantly, we want to make music with you!